How To Get Ripped Abs Without Doing 1,000 Crunches A Day

Key Points

- You don’t have to do crunches everyday to develop 6-pack abs.

- Crunches are designed to work interior muscles, not the abdominals.

- You can work your abs even when you’re sitting at your desk in the office.

Ripped Abs

Looking forward to ripped abs but don't want to go through the standard drill of doing crunch and crunch after crunch? Well, you're in luck because today I'm going to tell you exactly how to get ripped abs without doing a single crunch – ever.

Using these simple techniques, you’ll have that flat, defined, lean stomach that you've been searching for without ever having to lie down on an ab mat again.

And best of all, you're going to get the results you’re after – quicker! Why? Because these ab-building techniques work far more effectively than any crunch you'll ever do, so include them in your program to make every single minute of work-out time count.

Some essential tips to developing ripped abs quickly:

1. Add Uphill Interval Sprints

You've already read that interval training is the way to go if you want to boost your metabolism and burn fat faster. But, if you're really looking to boost the metabolic burn, run some uphill interval sprints. Even many strength trainers stay with the 'safer,' flat-running sprint options.

While flat sprints deliver results, if you add a hill run or two, make sure your body is prepared for a challenge because it's going to get intense.

Running uphill places greater levels of stress on the quads, hamstrings, and especially the glutes, while the abs stay contracted to maintain good posture.

Uphill interval sprints deliver a calorie-incinerating workout, but make sure you’re in good shape before even trying it.

2. Cycle Your Carbohydrates

The next technique is simple: cycle your carbohydrate intake.

Even savvy strength trainers are on those low-carb diets that still seem ‘trendy’ now, but sooner or later these people are going to hit a nasty plateau as their body metabolism inhibits further progress.

Instead, be smart and cycle your carbs. It's a far more effective way to build those stomach muscles since your metabolism never slows down. Your body burns fuel (food) more efficiently, more effectively.

Alternate high carb days when you're doing hard workouts and low carb days when you're doing cardio or resting. This is the best, long-term technique to use with any strength-training diet.

3. Perform Burpees After Cardio Workouts

Perform burpees immediately after you complete a cardio work-out.

Because of the movement pattern of burpees, you work the core abdominal muscles to a greater degree because these muscles are used to kick the legs out from beneath you and then bring them back in under.

After a cardio work-out, do 10-15 burpees and complete three to four sets with a minute or two of rest in between each set.

Do this three times a week and you’ll see and feel the results around your mid-section.

4. Cut Out Artificial Sweeteners

Avoid artificial sweeteners. Many strength trainers drink diet or low-cal liquids before, during and after workouts to re-hydrate, but the use of these drinks causes abdominal bloating.

Since ab bloat hinders how you look (even though you may be losing belly fat) cut artificially sweetened drinks from your food intake.

And don't forget that artificial sweeteners come in many of the foods you eat including: yogurt, gum, low-calorie beverages, puddings, and even in some power or protein bars.

Always read food labels before consuming any food to be safe.

5. Incorporate The Plank On An Exercise Ball Into Your Program

Another great exercise to add to your crunch-free, ab-building routine is a plank on an exercise ball. The plank really demands that all the muscles within the entire abdominal core contract rapidly to maintain your position. And when you perform planks on an exercise ball, the activity becomes more difficult, placing more positive stress on the ab muscles.

At first you may want to raise your feet on the ball to get used to the exercise. It’s less demanding. But once you've mastered that, place your arms up on the ball instead. That's when you really feel it.

6. Maintain Constant Ab Tension

Finally, the last way to develop ripped abs quickly is to focus on maintaining ab tension throughout the day. Most people suck in their stomachs when they know they're being looked at, but the rest of the time, that stomach hangs out over the belt!

Flex the stomach muscles and pull the hips up throughout the day – even at your desk. You’ll quickly see flatter, more defined abs.

Work to maintain this position throughout the day and, soon, it’ll become a habit and you'll automatically look leaner. Better. Faster.

You won’t be able to maintain high amounts of tension all day, but you can keep ab tension at a low level at all times. This trains the abs to naturally stay firmer.

Follow these simple tips to develop ripped abs without doing a single sit-up. Sit-ups actually have very little impact on the abs. They’re designed to work core muscles, but there are other exercises to develop core muscle strength that eliminate the need for crunches – especially 1,000 crunches a day.

Who’s got the time?

Please consult the Ripped Cut Buff manual for more tips and suggestions on how to get ripped abs.

Yours for good health and happiness,

Edward Khoo

Edward Khoo, Strength Trainer

Chris Fee

Christopher Fee, Applied Exercise Science & Yale University Strength Coach