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Dear Frustrated Friend,

“No pain – no gain.”

You’ve heard it a million times from a million different fitness “gurus” so it’s got to be right - right?

Wrong! That’s one of the biggest myths in fitness, and it needs to be sent back to the 80’s where it belongs. Strength training shouldn’t hurt, it should help!

It’s time to de-bunk the TOP 5 LIES that keep strength training in the dark ages – and holding you back from the body you want:

  1. Feel the burn (a variation on “no pain – no gain”). While a slight burn is normal, working out to “feel the burn” does more harm than good.

  2. Steroids are the only way to bulk-up muscle mass. That stuff is toxic and using it is just plain stupid. You really can build major muscle the clean and healthy way.

  3. The more you lift the stronger you are. Not true if you’re cutting corners to lift that weight. Proper form is the key to effective strength training, not weight.

  4. Weight lifting requires more calories. Weight lifting requires HIGH QUALITY calories – already available in lots of your favorite foods.

  5. There are no shortcuts to increasing your body strength. Bull. You don’t need to live at the gym. A solid workout, done correctly in 45 minutes 3x a week is the best shortcut to building body strength and melting fat. That’s less than three hours a week – and anyone can do that!

So why do all these so-called “experts” keep re-packaging the same old nonsense and outdated techniques, insisting that you’ve got to do it their way or else?

Because they’re all about quick promises and a fast buck.

For them, it’s a numbers game: Follow their oh-so-special regimen (to the tee, mind you), and you’ll see results in 30 days. Eat their “delicious and convenient” (read: expensive) pre-packaged meals to lose fat. Stay within your allowed daily food “points” and you’ll be a beach babe in three weeks.

Work through the pain. Push beyond your breaking point. Count those calories, chart those reps... Are you kidding me? Who are these people? Don’t they live in the real world with you and me?

I mean, stuff happens. Work late at the office and you miss a workout. Or an old friend invites you to share dinner out -- sounds a whole lot more inviting than popping another low-carb, low-cal, frozen slab of “tasteless, but good-for-you” into the microwave, doesn’t it?

Keeping up with a guru’s pre-fab regimen gets real old, real fast.

The system gets derailed. Your motivation starts to lag. And before you know it, you’re back to the same old you – only your self-esteem and your wallet have just taken a hefty beating.

Believe me, I understand. I’ve been there more times than I’d like to admit. And NONE of those pricey programs EVER worked for me. (I’m guessing if you’re reading this then they haven’t worked very well for you, either).

Harry S. Truman once said, “If you can’t convince them, confuse them.” And that’s just what those other fitness programs do – confuse you to the point of failure.

Truman also said, “The buck stops here!” And the “here” is the real-world fitness approach I’ve discovered that’s designed for real people like you and me who have real lives.

It worked for me, and I know you’ll see real results, too… with the Ripped, Cut and Buff Total Transformation Package.

I know you’ve heard this kind of thing before, but I really was that scrawny kid that everyone picked on growing up.

I was called “scarecrow” and “beanpole,” and worse. I couldn’t get a date to save my life. Even with a loving and supportive family and friends, deep-down I wanted to prove to everyone – to myself, really – that I was strong and confident.

I was super-motivated to make big changes, so I tried one strength training program, then another, and another. They were too time-consuming, too difficult to manage, and I just couldn’t gag down another chalky protein shake.

I felt like a failure each time I couldn’t stick to “the plan.”

Then I started doing some research, & I realized that I wasn’t the problem. It was all those lousy, off-the-shelf body-building “systems” that had failed me. So I set out to create a program that was based on real life - with realistic goals, sound principles of exercise science & workable with a busy lifestyle... That’s when I began work on Ripped, Cut and Buff, The Total Transformation Package.

I didn’t look at exercise books or weight loss diets. Instead, I read up on human psychology - the importance of routines, the advantages of setting and achieving goals, and building on success.


Chris Fee (Number 56), playing as linesman for Springfield College vs Ithaca College in year 2007

** Click here to view Chris photo and his bio **

A friend introduced me to Chris Fee, a strength and fitness coach at Yale University with a degree in applied exercise science, and I picked his brain for safe, sound and sensible advice.

Finally, I realized that I didn’t need a strength training program -- I needed a lifestyle program that just happened to focus on good health.

That’s what was missing from all of the other strength training programs I’d tried and failed with. So I wrote my own.

Ripped, Cut and Buff worked for me, and I know it will work for you, too.

If you want to know how to get ripped, cut and buff without counting calories, turning into gym rats or pushing through the pain, then I'd highly recommend checking out Ripped Cut Buff - The Total Transformation Program. One of the things I liked most about this book was how it was broken down into easy to digest pieces of information that you can start using right away. The nutritional aspect is a huge help as well – it will definitely make a huge difference in the results you see. Be sure to also check out the food myths section because you will be shocked at what you learn.

Shannon Clark
University of Alberta, Bachelor of Physical Education,
specializing in Sports Performance and Psychology.
What you get with RIPPED CUT BUFF Total Transformation Package

Easy to understand, easy to work into your busy lifestyle – Ripped, Cut and Buff delivers the tools and guidance you need to achieve success as you define it – not what some “expert” says.

As you see and feel the results of improved diet, strength training, cardio and a sensible approach to good health, your life will change just as mine did. You will:

  • Feel better –in just a matter of weeks
  • See a real change in your body shape in just a few months
  • Lose weight while maintaining body strength and good health
  • Easily integrate the program into your life, so it never “takes over”
  • Always have enough time to work out – even if you work 7 days a week
  • Increase strength pain-free and improve your health without the stress of “change”
  • Learn proper form to get the most from your workouts
  • Stay pumped and motivated week after week, month after month

So there you have it.

You’ve skimmed this letter and read the testimonials from real-life people who’ve transformed their bodies, their health, and their lives – and now we’re inviting you to try Ripped, Cut and Buff completely risk-free for the next 60 days.

We’re not going to dazzle you with empty promises and catchy gimmicks like the other guys, so we’ll just say this:

If you can find a strength/fitness/health program that’s more focused on YOU, YOUR lifestyle, and achieving the goals YOU set for yourself -- then buy it.

Otherwise …

I urge you to take advantage of this incredible, NO-RISK opportunity to finally claim the body you’ve always wanted.

Together, let’s get started on the new and improved YOU – right now!

Yours for good health and happiness,

Edward Khoo

Edward Khoo, Strength Trainer

Chris Fee

Christopher Fee, Applied Exercise Science & Yale University Strength Coach

P.S. For the cost of just one, not-so-special, average-priced dinner out, you can get the life-changing program that’s designed to meet YOUR goals and fit into YOUR busy schedule.

Just $47 gets you the complete Ripped, Cut and Buff Total Transformation Package. Start feeling better and looking better today – you deserve it!

My wife bought the RCB program for herself. At first I thought it was just another rip-off – until I saw the results. Now, we work out together and we’re spending quality time together like never before. I love this program.

Jamian C.
Kansas City

After I got laid off I had to drop my gym membership so I started looking for a workout plan on line. I tried RCB for two weeks…still don’t have a job but I got my confidence back and I can fit in to my old clothes again…highly recommended…better than having a personal trainer. I love the way you laid out the program. It makes it easy to start and the recipes you include are simple to follow. I never thought I’d be a weight lifter. Now I can’t imagine ever stopping. You people changed my whole life. The best thing of all is I never get hungry during the day, I never had any joint pain and my friends ask me how I did it. I bet you I’m your best salesman. This is something I can do for the rest of my life.

The bonus books really filled out the package so now I know what foods to eat and how much to eat. Eating 6 small meals a day keeps me energized and feeling good.

Kelli Jacobsen
Las Vegas

I’ve been lifting for more than 10 years…RCB changed my routine and my diet. I’m eating better, feeling better and looking better than before. I see more definition in triceps, calfs and abs…the best strength training program I ever used. I hope you plan on providing more tips on the RCB site. I stop by your site every day and every day I find something new to improve my health. I also added more protein to my diet and I can see the results. RCB is THE BEST STRENGTH TRAINING PROGRAM I’VE EVER USED SINCE I STARTED LIFTING.

The bonus ebooks are worth more than the entire program…don’t know how you did it but, as a long time strength trainer I’m just glad you did. And everything I need for a complete workout fits in the corner of my apartment. Thank you Edward and Chris. Keep up the good work. I know I will.

Skip Bothwell
Nara University

YES, Edward and Christopher! I'm ready and eager to start getting fit and healthy the right way with the Ripped, Cut and Buff Total Transformation Package!

  1. By taking quick action today, I make a single, one-time payment of $47. Once processed, you will grant me instant access to the entire Ripped, Cut and Buff system. There are no recurring fees or charges.

  2. As a bonus, I get FREE lifetime updates. If anything changes in the future or new content is added, you will notify me free of charge.

  3. My satisfaction is guaranteed for 60 days. If I'm not fully satisfied for whatever reason, within 60 days following the date of purchase I can easily cancel and ask for a refund. All the e-books and tools are mine to keep.

  4. Finally, I understand you make no promises or guarantees that I will realize any specific results by following the program as outlined. I realize that my results may (and will likely) vary from those shown or implied.

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